I started this Blog to help me in my journey to get thinner and healthier. It helps me keep accountable with my exercise. I didn't get overweight over night and I am working hard to get back in shape. My friend told me that It's not a Sprint but that it's a Marathon!!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Exercises in Bed

Now....that's what I am talking about!!
I'm always looking for different things to do to get in exercise. I thought that these looked kinda cool.
1. Leg swings
2. Pass the pillow to your hands and back again
3. Bring the knees up to your chest.
4. With legs straight do butterfly leg kicks.
5. Pull yourself back and onto your back.
Do these about 20 times and all I can say is......K-I-L-L-E-R-S!!!!
Update: The past 2 weeks have been hard. I have some family issues to deal with which has cost me many sleepless nights. My eating and steps have been good. I only lost 2 lbs. I hope that these next 2 weeks will be better.
P.S. Still NO candy bars, pop or fast food!! YAY!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Thats right....totally awesome. Im so happy.

I decided to give up fast food, chips, pop and candy bars. Its easy to tell myself that I can still eat this stuff and loose...not really.
I had to face the truth and I got really serious about my diet this last week. I didn't really exercise that much..I got my steps in and swam.

So.....I lost 6 lbs last week.
1/2 inch in chest
1/2 inch in mid section
1 inch in Stomach

So...its got me pumped for this week. I'm a fair weather outsider ha...and the weather is almost bearable. I'm hoping that I can get outside a bit. If not.....I'll be at the pool!!