I started this Blog to help me in my journey to get thinner and healthier. It helps me keep accountable with my exercise. I didn't get overweight over night and I am working hard to get back in shape. My friend told me that It's not a Sprint but that it's a Marathon!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Goal Shirt

I bought this shirt years ago in hopes that it would encourage me to loose weight but it really never really worked, Ha! When I got it, I could get it over my head but not on so I packed it away for a few years. I started loosing weight a yr ago so last fall, I tried it on and got it on but it was super super tight so away it went again.
I was going through drawers and found it again. It fit, Yay!!
Not as tight...so that means that I am getting closer and closer to being able to wear it.
I was super excited and especially cuz it is a size Large!!!
So I keep plugging away!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Its been a Year already

I haven't posted here for awhile. So as of June 1st..I have been on this adventure for 1 year. It has been SOooo.... hard and has certainly had its up and downs, good and bad, discouragement and encouragement, sadness and happiness and a love/hate relationship with that darn scale. It just doesn't do what I want it to do. I loose and then there are holidays, gain some then loose it again!!
It gets very frustrating for me sometimes.
This picture was taken awhile before June 1st. I was at my heaviest ever: 237 lbs
I was at 227 lbs on June 1st 2015 when I started:
Here is June 3rd, 2016.
I am down to 187 lbs. Down to 40 lbs from June 1st. (same shirt)
But altogether down 50 lbs from my very heaviest.
In the past year......Ive lost 40 lbs and 51 total inches so far.
Ive gone from 2X to ex-large shirt.
Ive gone from 20W-size 16 pants.

I began this journey because my mom had 2 strokes which took her from this:
She passed this last Spring. The strokes took a toll on her..she could barely hear, speak or talk. She was unable to stand, walk, move by herself, roll over....nothing at all. She couldn't read, watch TV or listen to the radio...Her existence was lying in bed or sitting in a wheel chair. Her mom also had had strokes also. Seeing her and knowing that this would probably be my future if...I don't make some major changes really scared me. I don't want this to happen to me thus began my journey.
Where my stomach used to be out too at 30 lbs lost.
But I keep reminding myself WHY I do this:
*I want to be healthy.
**I want to here with Don to enjoy our Golden years together
***I want to be here for my kids and their families.
****I want to do things with my grand kids instead of dying from activity. A goal this winter is....sledding this winter! I want to walk back up that Big hill without dying!!
*****I want to live a long life...like my grandma used to say...well as long as the good Lord gives you!!
******Plus I want really cute clothes!!

Oh! I've wanted to quit a zillion times and or blow up that ole scale. Don has heard me yell at it and call it names LOL
I'm not done yet. It may take me another year but I am keeping on keeping on. I am just proud of what Ive done already. Head shots of the past year.

For this next year....Ive decided to become a Weed!! LOL 
As I garden I pull those suckers and they just don't quit!! A few days later they are back!!
They don't give up, they keep trying. They do their own thing and they can survive anything.
 It may kill me but I am gonna survive this weight issue...I have to!!
So...here's to Year 2!