I started this Blog to help me in my journey to get thinner and healthier. It helps me keep accountable with my exercise. I didn't get overweight over night and I am working hard to get back in shape. My friend told me that It's not a Sprint but that it's a Marathon!!

Friday, February 26, 2016

2 important questions

First.....I want to ask.....Creamy or Crunchy?
Secondly....what kind of jelly?
I'm a creamy and grape girl.
Carol is a crunchy and grape girl.
Since  I am so into these oatmeal pancakes....
I mentioned to Carol that i was going to try peanut butter pancakes.
I promised her that I would use crunchy peanut butter. You cant really see the nuts but they are there. I put some grape jelly on top and they were really good. I just had to have grapes too. Ha. added some liquid eggs and the whole breakfast was 391 calories.
Look here!!! Yay.....it was tough but they're growing.
5 more days to weigh in day. Im exercising and walking tons. I can tell I'm loosing inches by my clothing. Not sure about the lbs..we will see!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I'm hooked on....

Oatmeal pancakes. Ha! It's my new favorite breakfast. I cant get enough. I have been coming up with different concoctions. I take 1 c. oatmeal, some flax seed, squirt of honey, and coconut milk. It makes 4 pancakes. Then I add the extras. I eat two and freeze the other two for later when I'm in a hurry.
This one is strawberry/ vanilla with 2 tsp syrup.
This one is just plain ole oatmeal.
This one is fresh Blueberry.
I'm planning on carrot, maybe zucchini or cocoa with a tsp choc. chips. They are very filling....taste yummy and oatmeal is good for you.

I'm working hard...getting my steps in. I can tell by my clothes that I'm loosing inches but sadly I don't think so many lbs. March 1st will be here soon enough!!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Feb 15th Weigh in

I'm a little overdue with this post with Valentines Day etc. I  had a great Valentines Day with my husband. Our place is Pizza Hut cuz that was our first date some 40 yrs ago, so we always love to go there. We are creatures of habit and order the same pizza every time and this time we splurged and we ordered bread sticks. Ha! We love them and with the dipping sauce.....Oh they are sooooo good and to die for!!! I did a little more exercising that day just in-case!!
Now...the Weigh in the day after Valentines Day: I lost 2 lbs and lost 1/2 in. Seems like I loose inches or lbs but never both together. Guess that's it to much to ask for..LOL
I only need 3 lbs to get to the next number group and I know that it would really motivate me more.....so hopefully...here's to 3 more lbs!!! (fingers and toes crossed) Ha!
And oh yah...the nails are coming along...maybe 1 more week. Its been so hard Ha!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Breaking up is hard to do...

That's the way the saying goes. While it may be true.....I think breaking habits is very hard to do too. I must admit...I'm a nail biter!!! There....I said it ha! Its not stress.....its just easy and fun. I don't mean to sound like a weirdo lol

I am making food changes...health changes...and so I think its time to kick this awful habit. Its been 4 days now and I'm not going crazy yet.....but it is so hard. My goal is to be able to paint my nails by the weekend.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Feb 1st weigh in...Same news..different day

LOL I am getting tired of the same ole thing. Feb 1st weigh in.
Lbs lost: BIG fat 0
Inches lost:  Chest 1/2 inch
                    Mid section  1 1/2 inches
                    Waist 1 inch
                    Stomach 1 1/2 inches
While this is good.....those darn lbs just keep sticking around and around and around!! LOL
I really think that I will be a skinny overweight person HA!

I am eating good....exercising and getting my steps in. So....Go Figure!!!
But....sigh...I will keep on keeping on...what else can I do?