I started this Blog to help me in my journey to get thinner and healthier. It helps me keep accountable with my exercise. I didn't get overweight over night and I am working hard to get back in shape. My friend told me that It's not a Sprint but that it's a Marathon!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mid-week report

I am having a great week and getting in the steps. These fitbit competitions are fun and very addicting. I can hardly get anything done cuz I cant stop walking long enough to do it lol.
I am a big competition person and I like to be on top.. not that I always am though but I try which is why there are so many steps on Wednesday lol My daughter Kim is in 2nd place and she is NOT going to beat me...I will die trying to keep ahead of her!! HA!
Another competition:
This one I am not in first but.....I am ahead of Carol for the time being!! I am enjoying the lead for as long as I can!! lol
All I can say is.....Thank goodness for this!!!
Tomorrow is another day and Saturday is another Weigh in!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

My new but old brown shirt

Another new week has started and I am working hard on my steps and exercise. I have a weigh in on Friday so this week is very important. There will be serious exercising going on here!! Ha!
Several years ago, I saw and fell in love with this top so I bought it. I was hoping to fit into it and well....its been hanging ever since. I knew that I couldn't wear it when I bought it but I HAD to have it. lol. While I do LOVE purple, I also love brown and turquoise.
I have NEVER been able to get it on before because it is size L. I tried this morning and got it on. I was totally surprised. It is still tight and the flowers look stretched out but Hey!! its on!! YAY!!
My goal is to wear it on Thanksgiving with some cute brown pants!! It should be fitting a lot looser by then.
I finished last week (mon-sun) with 67,810 steps. Hoping to get more this week. Off for a walk!!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Belt progress

This is my belt. When I started this weight loss...I could comfortably keep it on the first hole and if I really sucked in....I could do the second hole.
Then about a month ago...I could get it comfortable on the fifth hole.
Now...it is on the fifth and last hole and look at the room. My husband asked me if I wanted a new belt? I said No because I like seeing my progress so I will be making new holes.
While I can notice, no one else has said anything. People at work, friends etc don't know that I am trying to loose weight. I haven't told them because I want to see when it is noticeable to people. I am just getting impatient for others to notice. If I could just Poof it... and be to where I want to be.....all would be well....But..sigh..I cant so I keep getting in those crazy steps and exercising!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Weigh in day..Sept 15th.

I weighed in today and I lost 2 lbs. I was expecting more since I have been working so hard and eating so good. But I will take it and keep on working away. I did my measurements too:
I lost in. in these areas:
Chest -1 in.
Under chest -1 in.
Midsection -1/2 in
Hips -1 in.

This is also the 3 month mark since I started this journey. I have lost 20 lbs altogether!!
I checked back at my measurements since I started.
Chest -3 1/2 in
Under chest -4 1/2 in
Midsection -7 1/2 in
Waist -3 1/2 in
Hips -1 in
Thighs -2 1/2 in
Calf -2 1/2 in
Ankle -1/2 in
Arm -1/2 in
Wrist -1/2 in
Slowly but surely!! Its another busy week with lots of steps and exercise.
Monday steps: 12,498.....calories burned 2,778
Tuesday steps: 10,525.....calories burned 2,502

Sunday, September 13, 2015

The 10 Day eating challenge

Monday I am starting the 10 day clean eating challenge hosted by My Fitness Pal.
There are 3 levels:
1. if you eat lots of fast food/processed food, then eat 1 clean meal a day
2. if you eat medium fast food/processed food then eat 2 clean meals a day
3. if you hardly eat fast food/processed food then eat 3 clean meals a day.
So I am going with 2 clean meals a day. I already eat pretty good but I do like bread and dairy etc. 
No boxed food or canned food, tuna etc. or anything processed.
So I bought all my fruits and veggies and am ready to roll.

We will see how creative I can get with my meals!!
I think that it all help me plus with my walking/running and exercising....I should loose lbs!!
I was so tired Sat from such a busy week and all those steps so Saturday and Sunday I am chilling. I have another busy week this week and more challenges so I will be ready to go come Monday morning.

Tuesday is weigh in day and I am really anxious for it. It is so hard not to get on the scale ahead of time.
My Steps for Sat: 1,726 Ha!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I'm still stepping like cRaZy

Yah...I guess I am hooked on this fitbit competition. This Cathy and I have been head to head all week long. I have been walking at work, walking Oreo, aerobics, stairs, exercises for my steps.

No....I wasn't able to run Mon due to being so busy with family....Tue-Thurs. I had to babysit my grand daughter so watching her is a full time job with no running. I also didn't run last week because we got hit with a heat wave and it was so HOT and HUMID!!! Me run in the heat?? don't think so!!
Tonight after work I did 1/2 mile on the Boring treadmill. I was pretty tired after a busy day. I will get back to it again this next week.

But I have been getting steps in and burning calories and my eating is just great. No problems there.
I have been scheduled 5 days this week at Michaels and it is all sales floor so I get a good 5,000 steps just at work.This Cathy doesn't know that LOL  She is keeping up and we pass each other....shes killing me Ha! One more day so wish me luck!! I WANT to win this challenge!!
My Steps:
Wed. 10,783
Thurs 11,365

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Revamping old clothes

I have been seeing how people revamp old clothes and make them into something really cute and stylish. So...I thought that I can do this so I have some ideas. I went through my closet and found my favorite purple shirt that I wore last winter. It has a spot on the front so I cant wear it anymore in its present state.....but I think I can work magic with it. First.....I decided to try it on and WOW!!
Last winter that shoulder seem was at my shoulder. Can you see how far down it goes?
That's how much I have lost across my back!! I was excited.......
but now this is not going to be as easy as I thought. Because now I have to rip out the shoulder seam and take it up at the shoulder. Hopefully soon I will have the new revamped shirt to show you.

I'm still working hard. My next weigh in is Sept 15th and it will be here before I know it.
My Steps:
Sat: 11,086
Sun: 3,539 (took the day off)
Mon: 6,921 (hung out with family)
Tues so far: 8,191 steps and its 2:00 pm so plenty of time to go.
                  13,848 steps and its 9:30 pm

Actually I'm in a challenge in Fitbit and this Cathy chick and we are head to head. I was 800 behind her but am now  444 steps ahead of her.
I'm getting tired since I have been up since 2 am for work this morning so I hope she goes to bed like Now!! lol Arrggggg...She pulled ahead so I had to do some fancy steps lol
Ok...15,363 Steps and its midnight and I'm 590 steps ahead of Cathy.....Am I a idiot or what?? LOL

Friday, September 4, 2015

Belt holes

I had a really hard week at work. I was doing ok on my fitness challenges but I just didnt have it on friday. My steps were only 3,758. It has been so HOT and HUMID.....that could be the reason.. it just drains all my energy!!
For some good news....Ive gone up on belt holes on my belt. I used to use the first hole comfortably and if I really sucked in, I could use the 2nd hole. HA!
I have moved to the 5th hole which is about 3 in. and no sucking in YAY!!! After this one I will have to make new holes. Don asked me if I wanted a new belt? No....I like seeing my progress. When I'm all done then comes the new belt. I'm excited.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The past 3 crazy days

The last couple days have been crazy!! Tues on truck day I got hammered with Canvas...back to school stuff.
4 U-boats and a shelf of stuff plus about 4 shopping carts full of misc stuff. All that canvas was heavy so I got a great workout. Tues. was also Fall Tour Day for the big wigs to come see the store. Everything had to be out by 10 am for them to arrive...so I really had to busy it to get done. I had 5 hrs to get it all done. Other depts got done early so they came and  gave me a hand. Got it done, they came and everyone was Happy...Happy..Happy!!

Wed: I did have to babysit but was able to get my steps in by taking Bailey on a bike ride..Oreo and I walked. Did exercises but sadly did not get  my run in. I was still pretty sore from Tuesday.

Thurs: A group of 3 us from work went into a Chicago suburb to do their truck for them. Apparently there is trouble with workers/manager and so no one showed up for truck work on Wed.  Left Rockford about 4 am, went and spent about 8 hrs there getting their freight out. There is still lots left and his workers didnt show up today either. One guy did and was arguing with the manager so he sent him home. The store was not as neat as ours and some of the workers that were there, clearly weren't  happy that we were there and so we got attitude. I am SO thankful for my Micheals store, my co-workers and my manager!! lol
We stopped for lunch on the way home and the day was fun with my friends. But boy....I'm beat now....2 truck days in one week. After I took a long nap..I took Oreo for a walk, did some aerobics, jumping jacks and got my steps in.

My steps:
Tuesday: 8,370
calories burned: 2,405
Wednesday: 8,709
calories burned: 2,326
Thursday: 9,519
calories burned: 2,300