I started this Blog to help me in my journey to get thinner and healthier. It helps me keep accountable with my exercise. I didn't get overweight over night and I am working hard to get back in shape. My friend told me that It's not a Sprint but that it's a Marathon!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday cleaning mood

I got in the cleaning mood today and when I get there, I just hafta go with it Ha! I had alot of steps the last 2  days and my feet were sore so I decided to forgo the workout today. It rained so no biking. I hope that this doesnt come back to haunt me for my weigh in tomorrow.

I cleaned the house, did laundry, floors, bathrooms and all that dreadful house cleaning. So I was moving all day and up and down stairs so I hope it pays off.
This was me and Oreo!! Where are the grand kids when I need them lol
We'll see in the morning. Tomorrow is truck day and a big step day. I have to be there at 3:15 AM and it is 10:15 right now so I better hit the hay!!!
Maybe I should try this next time....it'd be so much easier!!

My steps:

Monday, June 8, 2015

Here I am

I don't like pictures of myself so I am doing something way out of the ordinary. This was me about 5 yrs ago at my very highest weight... 236 lbs. I felt horrible and later that year I ended up having 2 surgeries for gallstones and my gall bladder.
After the surgeries with the same shirt on. I felt really good and was healthy.
Weight has gone up and down since then.
 I am more aware of what I eat with taking pictures. The past few days I have really gotten serious about calorie counting. Some of my meals were over. I am keeping at 1, 200 a day and 30 min of exercise everyday. I am eating regular food and if I want a treat, I have to plan ahead. I'm not weighing in because the scale discourages me too much. I am going by feeling and how clothes fit. So far haven't noticed any change but I am going day by day and week by week. 
I have the habit of thinking ok...I want to loose X amount of lbs by this date and I am figuring out that this will take awhile. Just plugging away.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Does the scale get you down?

Yep, for me it does. I found this article very interesting.
That darn bathroom scale: The scales don’t always make sense. Sometimes they can be our friends and sometimes our enemy. It can swing 8 pounds in a day, remain completely fixed for months, and—most of all—it can leave you feeling frustrated when you’ve been doing everything right to get to your real goals!
But what are your  Real goals?
What do you want? What do you want from you—your body, your time, your effort, and your focus?” The answers to this question vary from :
I want to play with my kids
I want to feel better,
I want to look better naked
I want new clothes

Take pictures: If what you want is to look better in a swimsuit, in a pair of jeans, or even naked, take before and after pictures. The number on your scale can remain stubbornly fixed due to water retention and hormone fluctuations—even as your clothes begin to hang better on your body and you start to look slimmer in the mirror. Rather than hopping on the scale every Monday, whip out a camera phone and take a selfie instead.

Use a tape measure: Do you feel like sometimes you've stopped losing weight, even though your waist is getting smaller.? If your waist or hip measurements, the circumference at the widest points, are going down, you are losing fat---Just keep doing what you’re doing and throw away your scale.

Play with your kids (or grand kids!) If your goal is to be able to play with your little ones without getting tired, set a time to play with them every week. If it’s getting easier to do week after week, then you’re making progress! You can even keep track of how easy it is by writing yourself a note. Was a 2 on a scale of 10, with 10 being the hardest!

Keep track of what you’re doing: Good things take time, and always more time than we think they should. Keeping track of healthy things you are doing, like eating colorful vegetables at every meal and walking daily, is the best way to see if you’re doing what you actually need to be to reach your goals. Every great athlete keeps a training log. Every pilot keeps a flight log. When you start doubting yourself, just look at all the little things you’re doing and remind yourself you’re on the right track! You just have to keep moving forward!

So....I am working on a book for myself to keep track of goals, progress etc. I am going to track what kind of exercise that I do also. The past few days I have felt really lousy and tired and haven't done too much of anything. I think I'm on the mend again.