I started this Blog to help me in my journey to get thinner and healthier. It helps me keep accountable with my exercise. I didn't get overweight over night and I am working hard to get back in shape. My friend told me that It's not a Sprint but that it's a Marathon!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


I feel AMAZING!!! Guess thats what some sleep can do for you, Ha!
I felt sooooo bad last week....my arms ached in fact everything in my body ached and I was just barely managing each day. I am like WHAT is wrong with me? I had been doing 3-5 fitbit competitions a week for about a month and i was working hard for Mon-friday with no resting and I wanted to WIN!!! lol and so i kept working harder!!  I did win about 1/2 of them but it sure was Hard work!! All this didn't dawn on me until my weigh in and I got to thinking!! DA!!

Sunday I slept for 11 hrs and felt like a new person. Mon was about 8 hrs and a nap this afternoon. I actually have energy again Ha!

I have increased my calories to at least 1,300-1,400. Yesterday was 1,397 and today I was a little pig at 1,634 lol  I have been able to get around 12,000 steps in on both days with no exercising. Ive still burned more than I ate. I will weigh at the end of the week and see what happens.
Today my daughter Jessica called me about this 21 day fix. It is a program that you buy with tapes etc but she found the eating plan on Pinterest.
On your daily intake depending on how many calories you are to eat you eat some out of each color.
Like for 1,200 -1,400  you eat 3 of the green group, 2 in the purple group etc.
Here is the color coded food list: hopefully you can read the foods ok.
  I dont know if this makes it easier or not!!
 This is the amounts that you eat of each group. It sounds pretty interesting.
Its for three weeks, 30 minutes a day. 2 active recovery days. I think this is doable. I have just walked, ran and did aerobics for steps. I think my body has gotten used to the routine so I need to wake it up a bit and do other things also. I am in the process of making out a schedule of different things to do each day. Mon, Tue, Wed will be a rest day then Thur, Fri, and Sat with Sunday rest day again.

I have a bike here--real and stationary, a weight bench, a treadmill, a jump rope, a mini tramp, hand weights and leg weights and those stretchy cord thingys and a dog that LOVES walks so there is no excuses. lol It is just figuring out what things are best for when. That's my goal this week.
Getting this all off is a real Pain!!! But all the work will be worth it in the end!! Well...off to bed!!

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Ok...I have re-accessed my situation. I believe that there is no way that I shouldn't loose at least 1-2 lbs for a 2 week period. I thought I better take a look at what I am doing wrong.

#1. I compete in Fitbit competitions and I am very competitive. If someone is within 10,000 steps and it is possible for me to catch up...I will stay awake until 2 or 3 AM getting steps. I CANT let it go and go to bed!! I'm a weirdo like that lol

#2. I am eating anywhere from 800-1,100 calories a day. I think that I am not eating enough and I am not eating regular foods. My foods are mainly wheat bread (2 pc) fruits and veggies. So I think that my body needs more. Plus on evenings that I work I am getting home at 9:40 or so and am eating dinner at 10:00 pm so that's not good...my body doesn't have time to burn off the calories that late at night.

#3. I am not getting enough sleep due to staying up all hours getting steps just to stay ahead!! lol


#1. NO fitbit competitions for the next 2 weeks. I will just keep track of myself and this is gonna be Soooooo HARD!! I have already been invited to 3 and turned all 3 down......I LOVE competing
Ahhhhh  Im dying here lol

# 2. I am raising my calories to 1,300 a day. I will keep close track of them on Fitness pal. I am really increasing my water also. I am going to fix regular stuff and eat a small portion.I am going to eat dinner before I go to work then have a light snack after I get home.

#3. I will be going to bed between 9:30-10:00. YIKES!! I'm a night owl so this is going to be so hard but I'm sure that my body will love the extra sleep.

I will still be getting in my steps and doing exercises to burn off those calories. This will be for the next 2 weeks and we will see what Nov 1st weigh in will be. I actually feel good about these adjustments except for the competitions.....*sigh*
So here it goes!!!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Oct 15th Weigh in

Sometimes my husband hears me get the scale out and then in a minute he hears...DUMB Scale!!!
Well.....the scale was dumb but it wasn't the scales fault. I didnt loose any lbs but did loose 1 in off my hips. I was kinda disappointed.

I am thinking this is so crazy....what am I doing wrong here? I'm getting lots of steps and doing my aerobics tape a lot. I am burning lots of calories and I think that I am not eating enough calories. My goal is to stay around 1,200 and I am mostly from 850-1,100. So I think I need to eat more so my body doesn't think I'm starving it.

I was reading some information and when I started my aerobics tape, it tired me out and now I can get through all of it and not even break a sweat so I think I need to step that up too. At least for me I think that my body must be comfortable with it and maybe that's a reason why also. I am making plans for some new things for my exercise.

I was also reading that you need 7-8 hrs of sleep. Your body needs to time to burn off calories etc. Now.....I'm a real night owl so that could be a problem too. I may have to go to bed earlier!!

This past week....I had a several sewing projects and other projects that I needed to get done. So that mean there weren't many extra steps this last week. A couple days I just had the bla's and vegged on the couch all day..I must admit that it was nice though. lol

Monday I am back on plan again and excited to see how things work out for the next 2 weeks!! Guess I gotta take the good with the bad!!

Friday, October 9, 2015

My accomplishment

I'm so excited that I had 4 accomplishments this week. With my fitbit (that I love) there are competitions. The work week challenges go Mon-Fri.
Being that I am a very competitive person...you give me a challenge and I'm there!! I will stay up late into the night to catch up with people, Ha! I might be a little obsessed with this stuff lol. So this week I won several competitions.
This was # 1. Ryan was ahead of me most of the week but....Not in the end!!
This is # 2. This Julie and I were on each others tails all week long. It was tough to win this one.
I was also in a Goal day which is just 1 day. You see how much you can go over your goal of steps that you have set for yourself. I won that one pretty good. I did 253 % over my goal. It was a fun day.
This next one is my favorite. I didn't win it but..... I beat someone very special and I had to work my butt off to do it!!
**I beat Carol!!! YAY!!!
She was ahead of me all week and I didn't know if I could do it. On Thursday night she was about 8 or 9 K ahead of me and I was up to like 2 am catching up. I got ahead of her so I bet she was surprised to see me ahead in the morning. I spent Friday trying to keep up and ahead of her and..... I DID it!!! 
I'm enjoying my win and it may never happen again because she runs a lot and gets 10 zillion steps. lol. This week was a very hard week for some reason but yet it was a great week for me.

This was my Friday and I burned a lot of calories. My focus this week is going to be more on the calorie burn rather than steps. I have my food pretty well under control so that should be no biggie.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Flattening your stomach

I babysit my 3 yr old grand daughter Bailey every Wednesday. She found the new plastic rolling pin that I bought on the clearance isles at Walmart when I was suppose to be walking!! I looked up and saw her with it.
I asked her..What are you doing with the rolling pin?
She replied: I am rolling my stomach flat!!
I thought if only it was that easy if only!!! lol *sigh*
My week has been off and just cant get traction this week. I'm trying but it is really HARD!!
This week it is just plain ole hard work. I have a goal to loose 2 lbs by the next weigh in which is Thursday Oct 15th.
Monday steps: 13,352
Tuesday steps: 15,645
Wednesday steps: 20,314

Monday, October 5, 2015

Oct 1st weigh in

I had a great week and walked 114,697 steps last week. The 1st was on Thursday but I waited to weight on Sat the 3rd to finish out the week.
In order to get all my steps I had to do this. So hard to turn down the first spot next to the handicap parking......
and park way at the end and walk. I hated to do it but.....its all in the name of steps. lol
I found that going to Walmart and walking up and down every isle....it gave me 5,000 steps and it was fun to see everything in the shelf. But it wasn't so much fun carrying all the items that I bought in the clearance isle!! lol Walmart walking could tend to get expensive!!

Now for the Weight in: I lost 5 lbs. I'm excited. I measured and expected to loose everywhere. But I didn't. I lost 1 in around my face, 1 inch right under my chest and 2 inches in my waist. Everything else stayed the same. So....its on to a new week and many more steps. Next weigh in is Oct 15th.